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About me


I hold a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the university of Ioannina, Greece and a master’s degree in Design and Implementation of IT Products and Systems from KTH, Stockholm.


I have been working as an Android developer since 2010 and in the past I have been employed at Apegroup, House of Radon, Ideal Apps and MAG Interactive. In 2016 I became a full-time self-employed consultant.


I have worked on apps for companies such as SF Anytime, Spotify, Lånekoll, Lamborghini, Accedo, Systembolaget, Hoist, MTG, Ericsson, McDonalds, ICA, Sportbladet and Hitta.se.


I enjoy working in a team environment or individually and I have no problem taking responsibilities in order to achieve excellence even while being under tight deadlines.


Be creative in the most innovative ways.
Be productive by using the latest techniques and technologies.
Be efficient through realistic planning and transparent communication.


Use design patterns and clean architectural solutions.
Respect and promote coding guidelines and conventions.
Write clean, structured and well-documented code.

Android developer

Sotiris Falieris

“Get out of your comfort zone. This is where the fun starts”

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