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Bikini Fit

A small app that was ported from iOS that helps you get that nice bikini fit for the next summer. Simple, beautiful and with a purpose: exactly as mobile apps should be.


Bikini Fit

Date 2013
Client David "Dflex" Seisay

Bikini fit is the first training app from David “Dflex” Seisay, Sweden’s personal trainer of the stars.
Dflex is a pioneer in the personal training business with over 20 years of experience in the game who has transformed the bodies of Sweden’s A-list celebrities with amazing results.

This app is designed to help you lose those last few pounds (kilos) that are tough to get rid of while burning fat and reshaping your body. David wants to make working out easy for everyone and Bikini Fit is by far the most effective training app!

With four easy-to-follow circuits, all you have to do is press “play” and do the exercises exactly the way they are done on the app for amazing results! The Bikini Fit workout should be done at the gym in order to get results in the fastest and most effective way. Make sure to look at the routines a couple of times before actually doing the workout, so as to get better contact with the muscle groups you’re targeting and get amazing results. The exercise combinations are put together specifically to lift, tone, and enhance the body parts you’ll be flaunting at the beach, hence “Bikini Fit” 🙂

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