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Ericsson e-book

The first app that I developed for Ericsson was a multi-use tool that helped users understand the vast scope of projects that the company is working on.


Ericsson e-book

Date 2012
Client House of Radon

Working at the creative agency of “House of Radon”, a company with important and creative connections gives you the privilege and the opportunity to work on project with major companies of the IT industry.

Ericsson cooperates with House of Radon for its mobile needs and we were contacted in order to design and implement a mobile application for both Android phones and tablets that would be a complete and dynamic platform for the presentation of what Ericsson is and can do. The result was a full-fledged app, fully extendable and versatile that communicates the goal, mentality and problem-solving approach of Ericsson.


Features in a glance

  1. Fully dynamic framework
  2. Complete control over the content of the app
  3. Ability to handle videos, presentations and demos
  4. Ability to download, update and delete content
  5. Search filters based on the category of the content
  6. Ability for automatic or manual update of the app
  7. Support for both tabs and phones