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Ericsson showrooms

Ericsson show rooms around the world are the ambassadors of the company’s values and mentality and this app was the ideal way to find out more about them.


Ericsson Showrooms

Date 2012
Client House of Radon

Ericsson’s presence and offices around the world is not just a way to demonstrate what the company is doing but also an ideal way to illustrate, predict and design the future in IT communications.
By innovating in every aspect of technology that it gets involved, Ericsson has established a network of creative studios that act as innovations centers for everyone who visits them. To accompany someone’s visit at one of those studios, an application that someone can use at his or her mobile phone is an ideal way to have all the necessary information gathered at your palm.


Features in a glance

  1. Interactive map of the Studio in Stockholm
  2. Interactive global map of studios around the world
  3. Information about Ericsson’s fields of activity
  4. Videos and presentations about Ericsson’s ideas
  5. Trivia game about Ericsson
  6. Quick guide about Stockholm, its attractions and places worth to visit