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Linkin Park Universe

I love music and I love Android. It was only a matter of time until I develop a beautiful, modern and sleek unofficial app for one the biggest rock bands of the world, Linkin Park.


Linkin Park Universe

Date 2017
Client Personal project

A new, modern app has arrived for all fans of Linkin Park! You can now have free access to everything about Linkin Park from a beautiful, well-crafted and smooth app.


Features in a glance

  1. Biographies – Detailed information about the members of the band and their stories
  2. Discography – Complete discography of the band with lyrics
  3. Concerts – Stay up-to-date with upcoming concerts and find the nearest one
  4. News – Find out the latest news about Linkin Park and share them with the world
  5. Photos – Discover and save hundreds of regularly updated photos of the band
  6. Videos – Watch again and again the videos from their concerts, interviews and activities
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