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Nuvu was released at the emerging market of Nigeria, a country were internet is sparse and slow, therefore optimisations were of utter importance. I had the responsibility to deliver them while consulting for this client.



Date 2016
Client Accedo

Get the latest Hollywood & Nollywood movies, TV Series, Kids, Gospel, Music and more, without data costs on Nuvu by Airtel. Enjoy a high quality, buffer-free experience, direct to your smartphone through one single application!
This free mobile app allows you to select content from thousands of titles, across all genre’s, and download the content directly to your smartphone – with no data charges!

Once downloaded the content is stored on your smartphone’s memory for up to 30 days, allowing you to:

  1. watch it whenever and wherever you want
  2. watch it as many times as you want (within the subscription period)
  3. pause at any stage and instantly start watching again from where you left off

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