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Rammstein Unofficial App

This one is my favourite. It was the first app that I came up with, designed, developed and continue to maintain. Having such a positive feedback and passionate users that leave raving reviews is the motivation that feeds my excitement to continue working with mobile apps.


Rammstein Unofficial App

Date 2011
Client Personal project

I have two passions: chocolate and music. The first is “cured” easily while the second one is often treated with the music of my favorite band, Rammstein. The power in their sound, the not-so-discrete sexuality in their lyrics and the impressive variations of their style are things that I adore at them. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present you my  very own Rammstein Unofficial App for Android, an application that was designed, created and is maintained by me.

Plenty of features such as full biographies, complete discography with lyrics in both German and English, as well their videography, the latest news about Rammstein on Twitter and their latest pictures on Flickr are now at your Android phone. Do you want to go a concert of Rammstein and live a unique experience of music and fire ? The app will show you all their concerts on a map and offer you information about the place and the time.

I have no affiliation with Rammstein whatsoever, I am just a fan of what they do. All logos, lyrics, albums, artwork and images are property of their respective trademark owners.


Features in a glance

  1. Extensive biographies of the band members
  2. Full discography with lyrics in German and English
  3. Complete videography of their videos
  4. Image gallery with the latest pictures on Flickr
  5. Latest news from Twitter regarding Rammstein
  6. Trivia quiz game to test your Rammstein addiction
  7. Map with Rammstein’s concerts around the world with information about dates and venues
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